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After a century of captivity, Kaden—a ruthless, bloodthirsty wolf with no loyalties—is out for blood. But while on a mission to eliminate one of his enemies, Kaden meets his mate, a she-wolf with problems of her own.

He takes her after mercilessly slaughtering her pack. She refuses to accept him because he is a cold-blooded killer with an insatiable hunger for violence.

They were destined to be together, but even the moon goddess herself must realize that they are a very bad match.

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I am from Norway, born in the summer of 1996. I am introverted and tend to keep to myself. I have always enjoyed writing and discovered Wattpad by accident when I was 16. I have been writing online ever since, hoping whoever stumbles upon my stories would enjoy them as I do.

My passion lies in my stories and drawings. “Kaden” wasn’t my first story to receive love from the online community but I never imagined it would become the most viral.